About Us

Since 1995, RDW Martial Arts has provided a unique and personalized training regime to allow individuals of any age, shape or size, mental or physical ability, to have fun learning high quality martial art skills that also encompasses other styles into one program. 

In a relaxed, welcoming environment (hey, we’re family based!) this creative program brings diversity and finesse to all classes at RDW, allowing anyone to participate for one’s own personal reasons, and keeping our students engaged and consistent in their training which will lead to positive results. It’s a step away from the normal routine of getting into shape by being fun, engaging, and challenging. 

When you join RDW, you are joining a family. We are a community in of itself. Friendships that develop within RDW also extend beyond our walls. We learn, grow and support each other as a family unit.

Students are encouraged to work hard to achieve their goals no matter how long it takes or whatever obstacle stands in their way. Proper instruction by our teachers dismisses one’s ego and arrogance by indicating that the main goal of self-defense is to be able to remove oneself from a dangerous situation quickly and effectively using the proper amount of force needed. Self-defense isn’t about fighting but rather through continuous training, one learns ‘life skills‘ that will give you the ability to effectively deal with people, instill positive behavior, and to manage conflicts that will either keep you out of unpleasant situations or know how to handle them if/when they present themselves.


What We Teach

RDW teaches an eclectic style of martial arts. As well as learning our main style, Hapkido (self-defense), you will learn other styles such as Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Jiujutsu, Grappling, and many other skill sets. This is why no class is ever the same. There is always something new to learn and achieve.

Techniques in self-defense are blended with lessons in integrity, respect and fair play. Students are encouraged to maintain excellence in every area of their lives from schoolwork, behavior at home, to conduct in public. It is our goal for students to gain self-esteem and a strong sense of values, giving them the ability to make the right choices when needed.

RDW is like a family where each member provides strength and support for the common goal. Within and outside of RDW, respect and a positive attitude form the foundation needed to ensure that all students strive for personal best in all things they attempt to accomplish.

Martial Arts does not create bullies, nor does it tolerate them due to the fact that Martial Arts is founded on discipline, respect and listening skills. Kids are instructed when it is proper to use their skills (parent’s consent), and how to deal with strangers and bullies.

It’s our opinion that martial arts is a team sport in the sense that we all work together, assist those who are having difficulties, become aware of what needs to be improved on with ourselves, and develop friendships. It’s an individual sport in the sense that you compete against yourself, setting new goals to reach, and to push your own limits.

Mission Statement

To provide the finest instruction in realistic self-defense and physical conditioning in order to develop in children and adults alike, confidence, self-esteem, health, personal growth and values through the sport of martial arts.

Our Goal

At RDW, it is our goal and passion to be able to reach out to each student and make a positive impact upon their life. We want to inspire individuals to develop a healthy, active lifestyle, and to acquire the life skills needed to effectively deal with life’s demands and challenges  in order to become a positive change in the world.