Robert Williams (aka ‘Sensei’, ‘Inst Rob’ or ‘Sir’)

Robert D.  Williams (RDW) started his training very early in life only to discover that by his late teens, instructing came very naturally to him.  By 1995, being driven by his passion to teach and share his knowledge, Robert opened his own school and developed a unique martial arts sports program for all ages.

‘Inst Rob’ also holds himself to a high standard of integrity, ethics, good health and fitness. Family and the Christian faith are most important to Robert and his clan who are all involved with the day to day operations of RDW.  Family values are not only important to them personally, but in their work at RDW, and it shows in the valuable friendships they have developed with students and families alike that attend RDW.

Robert has a unique quality about him that makes RDW feel like home.  His compassion for people, sense of humor, playful demeanor, endless knowledge of skills, patience, and a sense of just being a  ‘big kid’ himself…..he is insanely popular with the younger kids!  His desire for wanting to help individuals leads him to try and instill self-confidence and self-esteem in his students through training in martial arts, or simply by being a friend when needed.

In his free time, Robert enjoys scrambling up mountains by feet or by bike, obsessed with obliterating gophers from his yard, gardening and yardwork (sorry, he’s not for hire), an avid football spectator (yelling included), playing practical jokes on  his wife, finding creative ways to antagonize his children before they get too big and seek revenge, loves meeting new people, and spending time with family and valued friends.


  • 5th degree black belt in Hapkido
  • Trained & continues to train (25+ years) in Ninjutsu
  • 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • Received extensive training in various weapons and grappling systems.


  • Massage Therapist
  • Reflexologist
  • CranioSacral Therapist
  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice


Our Assistant Instructors are those who have been with us for a number of years and are extensively trained. They meet with our high standards of integrity and skills.  Each and every one of them brings something unique to their level of teaching, and are AMAZING with students of all ages!

But let me introduce you to the core of RDW……


Paxyn Williams – aka ‘Pixie’

Paxyn started assisting in the Lil Tigers class at the ripe old age of 10 after we discovered she had a natural talent and desire for teaching, very much like her dad. She possesses an extraordinary love for little kids, which makes her very popular. ‘Pixie’ was then hired by a family as a personal trainer for martial arts at the age of 12 to provide extra attention and instruction to their son to further his skill level. The parents described her as being ‘talented, kind, genuine, and possessing a great maturity for her age’.

Paxyn is involved with the local youth group, which includes volunteering her time for things such as the local food drive and a local missions trip to assist those from various backgrounds and cultures.

Her desire in the future is to become a Kindergarten or G1 school teacher.  Paxyn is very close to her family (yes, including her brother!) homeschooled, loves babies (humans or animals…take your pick), biking, clothes, swimming, reading, getting the best of her brother, spending oodles of time with her friends, and photography.


Kade Williams

Believe it or not, our first born did his first shoulder roll at 11 months old, and hasn’t stopped since. Like his dad, he displays a sense of craziness and fun in class; very gifted in relating to kids and teaching.  Kade enjoys instructing those from Lil Tigers, Juniors and even a few adults. He adores kids, especially babies, and has often wished for more siblings. Right now he’s enjoying the journey in obtaining his black belt, and we as his parents couldn’t be more proud.

Kade has a deep love for his family, faith, loyalty to friends, and a sensitive heart to strangers. He excels in math & sciences, involved with the local youth group and has participated in events such as the local food drive, Calgary missions trip serving families from the Morley reserve and the Encompass group who deal with new immigrants.

Mr. Kade’s greatest desire is to become a veterinarian (thank you ‘Wild Kratts’), and to save every puppy, cat, horse and beetle out there.  He tries to annoy his sister (she IS wittier), avoids dishes, loves music of all genres (except country), hiking and mountain biking.


Corii Williams – aka ‘Ms Taz’ or ‘Taz’

I started off my martial arts career not wanting to do it. I kid you not. Too shy, felt too awkward, and I was even dating Sensei Rob at the time! Eventually I was won over (with martial arts, not Sensei Rob…although we are married now), and wished I had done it sooner in life.

I wear many different hats at RDW such as secretary, receptionist, marketing dept, social media/website over-seer, office manager (aka bossing around Sensei Rob), cleaning, martial arts instructor, and student (always and forever). It’s been quite a journey for myself learning the business, raising a family amongst it all, and finding that delicate balance between having it all and going insane. Just when I think I may become bored with instructing, I have found that it is impossible. Every student that comes through our door brings something new to my day, and I discover such amazing individuals that the word ‘bored’ never comes to mind. They bring laughter and hugs, and continue to teach ME about how to become the best instructor I can be, and about myself in general. How great of a job is that?! It isn’t a job….it’s a blessing.

Things about myself? Head over heels in love with my kids and husband, Jesus, crazy for dogs/wolves (animals in general), love my kitchen but not crazy about cooking, sugar addict, love gardening, hatehatehate winters, learning (anything…as long as I’m learning), power tools even if I don’t know how to use them (thank you dad), building or creating, reading, hiking, biking, and dreaming about Idaho.   


Mr. Kade

Paxyn with ‘Ms. Taz’