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Belts & Testing

Although training for belts is a goal most students try to obtain, it is not a requirement. Students are not compared with others because we are individuals with our own levels of skill. The instructor looks at what the student can do, and is capable of doing. We are our own worst critic & competitor. Students should be striving against themselves, and not worrying about how they compare to others.

Belts are earned at our school, not ‘given’, so the student is left with a feeling of true accomplishment and knowledge.

How quickly can a student obtain a belt?

This depends on the student. Factors such as how often they train, how well they retain information, personal drive and determination. For the low belts it’s an average of every 2 months. As one progresses higher in rank, it becomes a longer period of time in order to learn the skills and to prepare physically for the test.


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